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Services Available

The Member program allows you to budget affordable virtual services.

  1. Comprehensive Primary Care Services are available at reduced costs for program members.

  2. If there are unique specialty referral services outside of the Comprehensive Membership Program, we will assist in negotiating those services at affordable rates.

MedXTrust Program Options

*If you have insurance, some of these services may be covered under your plan.

Platinum (Comprehensive Membership Program)


(Retail Market Value: $650+/Month)

Telemedicine Visit with monthly membership cost is $49.00 monthly for the rest of 2021.
Telemedicine/Telecounseling visit with monthly membership. MedXTrust Membership fee
includes a wellness physical and labs; access to provider blogs; information on option for
possible reduced pharmacy costs; 24/7 Triage access at reduced costs for your medical
concerns that are reviewed with a Provider and prescriptions ordered, if needed; access to a
Care Coordinator who will help guide you and act on your behalf for any referrals and

Sapphire ("One Time Try Us" Visit)


(Retail Market Value: $250)

Telemedicine/Telecounseling Visit without membership cost is $58.00 to try us out. Individual
visit without membership to see if MedXTrust is suitable for your needs and lifestyle. 24/7
Triage access for an additional cost, no Care Coordinator availability.

Ruby (Lab Only)


(Retail Market Value: $400)

Comprehensive Wellness Lab Tests* (Colorado Only) cost is $65.00 for all 3 labs.
Comprehensive Wellness Lab Tests: Three lab tests combined which are typically done during
an annual physical to provide risk factors for certain diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease,
and heart disease. (CMP-14 status of kidneys, liver, blood sugar and electrolyte levels.
Abnormal levels may indicate a problem requiring immediate attention; HgBA1C measures the
average of blood sugar levels over the past 3 months, used for diagnosing pre-diabetes and
diabetes; Lipid Panel measures cholesterol levels, good and bad, which provide information on
your risk level for heart disease).

Emerald (Wellness and Life Coaching)


(Retail Market Value: $140)

Stress Wellness Telecounseling or Life Coach Visit cost is $45.00 and specify in comment box
which type of visit you would like under Option #4. “Stress Wellness Telecounseling or Life
Coach Visit.” Speak to a counselor to help with managing stress or anxiety. Sometimes you just
need someone to talk to and help you through a stressful day/time. You may also choose to
speak to a Life Coach that can help you to zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in
the way of your success.

Emerald Plan
Ruby Plan
Sapphire Plan
Platinum Plan

Below is an example of Member
vs Non-Member Program costs.

Health Options
Member Cost
Average Market Cost
Screenshot of market costs and average market costs for mobile view
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